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Vietnam Food

Hanoi Capital Culture

There are so many reasons to make you feel loved Hanoi, perhaps by busy streets, safe destination, unique food & drinks, natural scenery, interesting stories of history or Spiritual tourisms…. Hanoi is like as a cool Breeze. This charming capital is an art work of mixing Western & Asian Architectures and Cultures where ancient and proudly Preserved Vietnamese culture is felt most keenly by...

Best 10 things to see and do in HN

Maybe you a relative newcomer to the tourist trail? Please visit  Vietnam. Because Viet Nam  offers a unique travel experience to those who are thirsty for culture. And where better than the capital city of Hanoi, which is steeped in history with plenty of sights, sounds, and experiences waiting for you and your camera! It wasn’t easy, but we’ve collected a list of the BEST 10 things...

Best Vietnamese Food in Hanoi: Top Eats in Vietnam’s Culinary Capital

  Hanoi is both the political capital and culinary capital of Vietnam. Iconic Vietnamese dishes like Pho and Bun Cha both originated in Northern Vietnam. And while you can now find them all over the country (and the world), many people still believe that the best version of both dishes is still found in Hanoi. We spent almost 2 months roaming the streets of Hanoi, asking locals for their...

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