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Characteristics of Duplex Apartments

  • 4 months ago
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  • In terms of area
    The area of duplex apartments is usually large. However, the area of Duplex apartments is not specifically limited. Depending on the project, there will be different regulations. But in general, the area of the duplex apartment is quite large. With the attic area, owner will have a lot of usable area, so not only for basic functions, owner will have many other spaces such as reading room, bar, massage room, … or have plenty of space for interior decoration, expressing the owner’s own identity. A Duplex apartment always has a comfortable area not only for a large family to live but also for a large number of people to play and live.
  • In terms of location
    Duplex apartments are usually located on the top floor of the building.
  • In terms of architecture
    The most prominent and special feature of a duplex apartment is the atrium design with 02 floors or more. There is no private space outside. The stairs are designed right inside the apartment. Duplex apartment design is quite unique with glass material on the outside to maximize the viewing angle, so it often has a very impressive view. Due to being designed with a lot of tempered glass around, many open sides, every area or space in the duplex apartment receives natural light. This design is both good for the homeowner’s health and reduces energy costs. Duplex apartments are always located at the top of buildings. Therefore, owning a duplex is that the owner will have the opportunity to admire the views that are rarely available in other apartments. The whole beautiful city space will be captured in your sight. This is also one of the reasons that the duplex is always chosen by many artists to stimulate creativity and generate many new ideas.

  • In terms of interior
    Interior materials of duplex apartments are selected from the most modern and high-class brands. Therefore, a duplex apartment also clearly shows the personality and economic condition of its owner.
  • In terms of price
    Compared to ordinary apartments, the duplex has a much higher price. There are even high prices similar to large townhouses. However, rich people tend to buy duplex houses instead of city houses. Because for the upper class, the safety factor is paramount. Duplex apartments are always tight in terms of security, professionally guarded 24/7.
    In addition, the number of security cameras installed in the corridors is also twice as many as on ordinary floors. Duplex apartment owners are also issued a card to use the private elevator. In terms of safety, privacy and luxury are guaranteed. That is why many people still choose duplex apartments instead of spacious townhouses.
  • In terms of utility
    In fact, not all apartment projects have duplex apartments. Usually only high-end apartment projects are designed and invested in this type of apartment. But, once the owner gets the duplex apartment. The owner will also enjoy all the modern and synchronous facilities of that project.

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