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Ha Noi Metro Line Updated 11/09/2021

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On the afternoon of August 20, the Inter-sectoral Working Group handled difficulties and obstacles to speed up the progress of the pilot urban railway investment project in Hanoi (Non-Hanoi section) to inspect. 3 to have the most accurate assessment of construction safety during the COVID-19 epidemic as well as the progress of the project after the past tests.

Because Hanoi is in the process of implementing social distancing under Directive 16 of the Prime Minister, the Management Board of the Urban Urban Railway Project (MRB) arranges construction personnel on the construction site on average 530 people per day. (Monday to Friday) and about 200 people (Saturday and Sunday).

According to the inspection of the mission, MRB arranged construction in 8 separate construction groups in the spirit of ensuring safety for workers. These groups are mobilized to construct and install roofs of elevated station entrances, drainage, tiling of auxiliary works, construction on construction sites of underground stations; The construction team on the Depot site to construct the infrastructure, install the roof drainage pipe, etc.

At the first monitoring session of the Inter-sectoral Working Group to evaluate the MRB during the implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control in accordance with Directive 17/CT-UBND; Dispatch 17 and Official Letter 18/CD-UBND of the City People’s Committee, the Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board have always closely and fiercely directed affiliated units, Consultants and Contractors to seriously implement implement the direction of the City, recommendations of the competent health authorities, and continuously update the instructions of the professional agencies such as the prescribed distance and the correct implementation of preventive measures. individuals, collectives, take measures to support employees such as rotating work.

In the coming time, the Inter-sectoral Working Group will operate at least 1 session/week to urge the progress and implementation of the Line 3.1 project (Non-Hanoi line); coordinate to handle obstacles and difficulties, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, to promote the progress of the project.

From July 2021, MRB together with a French contractor has safely tested the Metro Nhon train – Hanoi station on the elevated section, from Nhon depot station to Cau Giay station (about 10 km long) for a period of time of 10 km. 15 minutes for 1 turn out or back.

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